Craftsman 12 Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool Model 09-17438 Review

I bought the Craftsman 12-Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool two months ago to test out and review.

Nextec Multi-Tool

I used the circular saw blade to trim a 1 X 6 out in the yard. I used the flush blade to cut the bottom of a door jamb so I could install tile in the bathroom. I used the carbide blade to clean out the grout so I could replace a 6 X 6 tile that I put in wrong. I used the scraper blade to remove some double sided tape so I could put in a new door weather seal. I used the sanding pad to sand a leg on an adirondack chair before I painted it. I used the rasp to change the angle on a chair leg brace.

I did all this without dragging out a cord, a sander, an angle grinder, a wood file, a putty knife, a circular saw or a hammer and chisel. I did all of these tasks easily and in a lot less time than it would normally take. I did all these tasks with just one tool!

There are a lot of similar multi-tools on the market. The Craftsman Multi-Tool is not the first and it is not the best, but it is the best value at only $99. And it’s cordless! It is similar to the Bosch PS-50, Fein Multimaster, and Dremel Multi-Max. The Craftsman multi-tool is like the others and is even compatible with the Fein accessories but it’s a lithium-ion cordless multi-tool for only $99 (The Dremel Multi-Max is corded for $99). And as a bonus, like the Fein Multimaster, it comes with an integrated dust bypass vacuum adapter so you can hook it up to your shop vac or dust collection system.

I don’t consider the Craftsman Multi-tool as a heavy-duty tool. In fact the tool will get hot around the battery area if you use it on too large a task (3 to 4 batteries in a row.) It is just a great tool for those special small to medium jobs around the house that I have all the time. It is a great “around the house” tool. If you need a tool like this to work for you all day long or have a large project like scraping an entire house before painting you really should custom multi tool  buy a heavier tool like the Fein Multi-Master.

NEXTEC Multi-Tool Features:

The Craftsman 12-Volt NEXTEC Multi-Tool comes in a handy carrying case along with a 30 minute quick charger and six attachments. The Multi-Tool is powered by a 12-volt Lithium-Ion battery.

Some of the key features of this tool are:

15000 OPM/ 2.8 oscillation angle
LED work light
includes 6 accessories (blades and sanders)
Soft-grip Handle
Compact Ergonomic design
Integrated dust bypass with vacuum adapter
Powerful, compact motor
Secure accessory mount
Powered by 12 Volt Lithium-Ion battery
30-minute quick charger with LED charge indicator:

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